Facebook advertising Agency Account

We know that you are here to find a solution for advertising on Facebook. We also know how brutal the competition can be out there. Don’t worry, we have a solution ready for you right here right now that you can start using right away. Whether you are looking to start advertising on Facebook, or your advertising account has been suspended, Facebook Ads Manager can help. We have done all the legwork, so you can taste success.... So, here’s the deal. Facebook Ads Manager offers you a 3-year old account. Yes, you get a three-year old business manager Facebook account created with all the real information and 2000 unique friends already added. All the identity documents have already been submitted to Facebook and the phone verification has also been completed. So, the account will never be suspended and all you have to do is log in and start advertising.

The account we are offering is genuine, unique and most importantly, it is a Business Manager account with the payment tab already in place. Oh, did we mention this account will let you spend $2500 on your campaigns first, and you can pay the bill later. Facebook ads manager has presented you with a great opportunity to make your business go places. We not only offer you the tools to get started with effective Facebook advertising, but we will be there to help you out throughout the journey with free training and support services. So, what are you waiting for? Any advertiser worth his salt will understand the golden opportunity that has been presented to them. If you are one too, buy these incredible Facebook accounts today, so that you can unlock the true potential of your business.


Facebook Advertising Account Disabled? Get New

All Information are Real & verified

Passport Or ID will be Provided

Phone Verified, Code provided

VPS, will be provided with Acc

Funding Source,Paypal already Added

Account will Allow to Spend 2500$

After 2500$ Spendout, Bill To Pay

If you pay bill, your ads countinu

Acc. Available with Different Countries

Each Acc. with own VPS, login with VPS

VPS is Fix IP,FB Acc. will never Lock

100% Guarantee,Replacement or Refund


Facebook Advertising 100% Complete Solution, Ready To Use

Identity Verification

  • Photo ID or Passport Provided already
  • Each Acc. with Real identity Document
  • Phone verified already, Code Provided
  • Guarantee 100%
  • If Acc. get any Problem, Replacement
  • If you are satisfied, Refund Provided
  • We Provide Each type of Guarantee
  • Training Provided to Use it better

Account with VPS

  • No Proxy needed, It has VPS
  • No IP change Needed, Because VPS
  • Location No Matter, Login with VPS
  • Age of Account
  • Account old more then 3 Years
  • More the 2000 Friends Added
  • 2 Fan Page Created and Managed
  • Fully Tested, Trusted & Verified